some of my works represent symbols.

In combination with wood, grain and form, wonderful little works of art came out.

In the course of time, however, I was asked more and more often what this or that should actually represent and so I began to inform myself.
On the following pages I have tried to put together what I have found out.

The descriptions do not claim to be 100% correct and complete! As I said: they are the result of what I have found out. If something should be fundamentally wrong, I am grateful for hints or further information.

Hei Matau

The Hei Matau is a Maori symbol in form of a simplyfied fish hook. It is one of the most popular pendants in New Zealand.

The fish hook is the catcher of luck.The pendant stands for authority, wealth, success, recognition and guidance. It also represents strength and determination and brings peace and good health. It provides protection and good luck on the water and is therefore quite popular with surfers.

It is a sign for strength and courage.

According to a legend, Maui, the ancestor of the Maori, fished the North Island of New Zealand with a fish hook out of the ocean. The importance of the Hei Matau stands for the promotion of the will, support and consolidation of power, and to secure prosperity. Furthermore, it stands as a symbol for peace and for a safe journey across the water.


The Heart (Maori: Manawa) is one of the most famous symbols and there is no need for explanations. It is asign for Love, confidence, loyalty and much more.

Regarding the Maori-meaning it stands for emotional balance, love, generosity and compassion and it is also a symbol for friendship.

Koru from a Rose

Koru (fern) is a word in the Maori language for "bay" or "loop".

It refers to the sprout of a fern which grows in New Zealand.  The spiral of the Koru is an indication for the enrolling leave of the fern. A new leave of the fern has exactly this shape, before enrolling completely.

Because of its form, it stands for new life, Hope, perfection, reincarnation, personal growth, recommencement or the start of a new life.
It is also a symbol for renewal, but also for virginity and hope for the future. Other meanings are peace, harmony and growth.

Last but not least it symbolises a lovingly relation in the family.

The maori use this symbol in many different varities in a lot of designs.


The Muri Paraoa (fluke, Tail of the whale) is a very important symbol of the Maori. According to the legend
the ancestors of the Maori rode on a whale and found so Zealand.

The symbol fluke stands for speed and strength, combined with gentleness. But also for companionship. It is very popular with surfers.

The Maoris consider whales as spiritual guardians that symbolize protection and bring good luck to those who are traveling on the oceans. Whales are the most important animals in the lives of Maori, they represent the strength of the Maori people and their connection to the sea. For the Maori, it is also a symbol of respect for nature.

Om front

The sylable Om (or Aum) refers to Sanskrit. in various cultures it is holy.The sound of the OM stands ab ancient sound. It is a mantra and helps while meditating.

Om is the all-embracing and the most superior symbol of the Hindus.

Actually Om consists of 3 leters: A U M and the silence, that comes after these letters.

The parts that looks like a 3, is the A. The line that looks a bit like a snake in the right is the U. The little part on the top, that looks like a half-moon is the M. And the dot on the topis named "Bindu" and stands for endlessness, the eternal and the silence.