Here you find some tips for the care of your little treasures.

After carving the little treasures are repeatadly treated with oil. Then I have polished them so that they are protected against all possible environmental influences for a long time. Here are a few tips to help you have fun for a long time with your favorite piece.

The bigger part of my carvings have been oiled with Lumberjack-Oil. You can oil them with any other natural oil, but please take care that the oil can not become rancid, such as extra virgin olive oil.

Please take note that every oil has influence on the color of your little treasure. Certainly you can use any oil that your do-it-yourself-store offers for the care of wood.

My tips for the care of your favorite:

As soon as you have found the perfect oil, you need a cotton cloth and/or a small, soft paint brush.

In case of emergency you can handle your favorite with a sand paper (grain 320 or higher), so the oil can invade the wood more easy. In most cases this is not necessary.
After you have oiled the little treasure, please wait for approx half an hour. After that it is important to take away the rest of the oil from the surface.

After a drying period of at least one day, you can polish the piece of jewelry with a cotton cloth to a high gloss.

Thereafter, the oil should cure. This period will vary depending on which oil you use. Then your favorite piece remains protected. Now yourjewelry should be protected again.

To be safe, you should avoid your pendant or ring having contact with water.

If you do not want to carry out the procedure described above, you may send your piece.
I will seal it for you and send it back to you - It only costs the postage for the return shipment
Contact me.