some of my works represent symbols.

In combination with wood, grain and form, wonderful little works of art came out.

In the course of time, however, I was asked more and more often what this or that should actually represent and so I began to inform myself.
On the following pages I have tried to put together what I have found out.

The descriptions do not claim to be 100% correct and complete! As I said: they are the result of what I have found out. If something should be fundamentally wrong, I am grateful for hints or further information.


The Ankh (anch) is, in the Egyptian hieroglyphic writing,  the character for life. In Egyptian mythology it is a symbol of eternal life (hence immortality) and the universe.

The Ankh is probably one of the most important symbols of ancient Egypt and has been preserved as a sign to enter into Christianity. First the Copts took it over from the Egyptians and from there it passed into Christianity.

The Copts regard it as a symbol of eternal life, which was given to the people through the death of Christ.


The dolphin is a Maori symbol. The dolphin is a good omen, and is symbolic of playfulness, harmony and friendship. It also seeks to protect travelers, it is a symbol of protection.

The dolphin is a really old symbol.
Looking at a dolphin it seems that he is "smiling" and we may get the impression he turns always to human beings. Normally dolphin can be found in groups and often they accompany ships, therefore they seem to be friendly and social. They are considered to be intelligent.

We like their quickness, their ability their effortlessness, when they move in the water.

Even in the ancient Greece the dolphin where accompanists of souls, the accompnied them through the water to the Elysium.

Oftenly it has been widely reported, the Dolphins have attacked sharks to protect castaways.


For the Maori the lizard is a symbol for self-confidence, indpendance and faith. the lizard stands for a strong and individual character.


Wings symbolize freedom and independence. In many cultures, there is the idea of winged spiritual beings.

Often, they are messengers of the gods (the angel of Christians have wings, Hermes has a winged helmet and winged sandals). Wings, however, are also the attributes of gods or goddesses (the Greek goddess of victory Nike and Chronos are represented with wings).

Not only divine beings are shown with wings, but also mystical beeings. Just as fairies, elves, demons and dragons.

The Greek mythology tells the story of Icarus, who comes too near to the sun with his selfmade wings and falls into the ocean. In the Bible, for example, when wings are mentioned in Psalm 57 it is said  "In the shadow of your wings I find refuge." There you will usually have the protective and sheltering appearance.
Even in everyday language wings are used as symbols. The saying "something gives me wings" or "it inspires me" is all familiar. Here we are talking energy, inspiration and drive. When we say that someone let his "wings hang", he is not energized and can not "raise with ease".


The shark one of the most redoubtable bings in the sea.
He stands for power and force, but is also a hint to the hidden dangers.