The philosophy

Since a very long time people use wood.
We use it to make fire, to construct buildin
gs or tools. However, some use it for its beauty and for its beautiful grain. 

The art which is presented here, it's just about this beauty and fascination. I always try to emphasis the texture and grain of the wood when I work on the wood and when I try to select the right form.

TimberCharms on Wood

In every piece of wood there is something inside!

Somtimes it takes a while until I know exactly what is hidden in this certain piece of wood and then I only have to cut away everything that does not fit to this little secret.
I would like to bring to light what is hidden. All little things are finely hand made and lovingly hand crafted.

In any case: "Nothing off the shelf!"

If you have a design request, please contact me, I'll see if I can find a piece of wood where your little treasure is hidden.

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