Timbercharms HeiMatau

On Timber Charms quality art pieces from selected local wood are presented.

Every single piece was made by hand. I generally use only untreated wood from the region, I've even picked and dried them by myself. For some objects I have used construction wood, which is waste when building a house. Sometimes I have used basswood. This is the only wood I have to buy, I have not found a supplier in my area.

You can fing countless jewelry and decorative items. But all of them are produced in masses in factories.
That is the big difference!

Every single thing here on TimberCharms is unique. Even when I try to make the same object again, I will fail. The form is little bit more round or varies a little bit. The structure and the grain of the wood is different. Every piece exits only once!

When I work on the TimberCharms I really set a high value on accuracy and details. Only in this case I can grant for high quality finish, prettyness and longevity. My clients should have fun with their little treasure for a long time.

Have fun on my page.