Genuine Walnut (Juglans regia)                          Nuss02

The Walnuttree (Juglandaceae) is a so called Heartwood tree.
Heart- und Sapwood differ significantly: the sapwood is light in color from gray-white to reddish-white. The color of the heartwood ranges from gray to dark brown and depends from location and age of the tree. Due to the distintive growth rings you can see a wonderfull marking.

The most valuable part of the trunk is the lowest, balbous thickened part, that reaches into the soil, the part where the trunk becomes the root , the burl wood.

The wood of the wlanut tree is quite heavy and hard. It is very resistant against bending and it shrinks not much. The power of endurnce is good, but it is only limited weather-resistant. The wood is tuogh and pliable but not elastic. When it is fresch, it shrink mch while drying.

Nuss04Walnut wood can be finished light and smooth and it is also very well to turn and carve. The treatment of the suface is without problems. When walnut wood gets in contact to iron, it may come to dark colorations aroung the metal.