Ash (Fraxinus excelsior / common Ash) is spread all over Europ and is one of the hoghest treas among the decidous trees.

Esche01The wood is hard, long fibered and very elastic. In general, it is irregularly striped. It's good workable and has a very high load capacity.
The wood can be found in the furniture industry or boat building, but also for the production of baseball bats and qeues..

American ash is gray-brown with a slight reddish tint.
The common ash has a whitish sapwood which is not always distinguished from the heartwood color (yellowish to reddish white). The grain is straight, the wood structure rather coarse.
Ash wood is ring porous, and the annual ring are clearly visible. The wood dries fairly rapidly with little loss of quality. It is easy to glue and takes stains and polishes good.