When we talk about basswood, usually the wood of the small-leaved lime (Tilia cordata) or the Tilia platyphyllos is meant. there is alos ahybrid of those two, the "Holland lime tree" (Tilia x europeae)

Between the basswood species are only small differences. Therefore, both are usually treated the same.

Lindenholz03The basswood is relatively soft and moderate. It is tough, elastic and slightly less firm. It is highly evanescent. However does not "work" as othe wood does.
Annual rings are visible only dimly. Basswood has a light heartwood, which differs little from the sapwood. The basswood is lightly colored. It changes from white to yellowish, sometimes it has a reddish or brownish impact. Carved surfaces have a beautiful shine.

Basswood is easy to carve. The surfaces can be sabded and polished very well. Underdirect sunlight, it tends to turn yellow and in contact with iron there in connection with water it turns to gray.

Basswood is probably one of the most popular wood for carving, because it can be processed very well and it is easy tol carve.